There are 4 major factors affecting the washability and performance of all heat press applied media:

1. Heat press 

Some heat presses, particularly Chinese ones do not melt the glue sufficiently to provide adequate adhesion to the substrate / fabric. The way the problem can present is after the second, third or fourth wash where a percentage of the media applied garment can start lifting. If the heat press is not replacing heat as quickly as it is being drawn by a thick garment at a high moisture time of the year your heat press might be applying heat at a lower than specified temperature.

2. Washing 

There are many different types of washing machines, for example in Germany it is standard to set your washing machine to a specific temperature where as in New Zealand that is very unusual. The same is also true for particular washing detergents, there are hundreds of different chemicals in them some being very aggressive and some not as much.

3. Substrates: 

Fabric types can vary tremendously and have different finishes on the fabric.

4. Proprietary inks 

Proprietary inks, some people use refill generic inks which is not the same as the inks made by your machines manufacturer and can preform very differently when it comes to washability, etc.


This is what all our suppliers say you should do before commencing production:


“All information here contained are based on our experience. We recommend to perform a test before starting standard production. For best results we suggest to store the product away from sunlight and dust and at temperatures between 18°C and 26°C”


“NOTE: For best results, it is recommended to TEST prior to starting standard production”


“We recommend evaluation on test material. Due to the various influences which occur from production and transfer of plotter letterings, consistency of the carrier materials and also washing and cleaning conditions, product liability can only cover the unprocessed material.”


“Only proceed with production following testing, if you and your customer are happy with the outcome given your particular combination of fabric, design, etc”


If you have any issues or problems with outcomes we are always delighted to have a look at it. What we would like you to do is give us a written description of the problem and photos so we can see it first hand and send on to our suppliers.


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